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Welcome to this site and welcome to your new life. It starts here with this guide. In this course you will learn the basics of Kundaliniyoga. How to breathe, what are the locks and how to connect with them. You will experience your first yoga set and meditation. Everything in softness.


This set will give you energy, strengthen and stretch your body and quiet your mind.A basic practice consists of 3 elements. The Pranayam,The Physical Exercise,The Meditation or Breath Meditation.


This will be your first meditation practice. To help you feel centered it is good to start with a little physical exercise first. The meditation will be 11 minutes long. When you meditate for 11 minutes you will create a balance in your brain. If your thoughts wonder, bring them back. Keep the focus as much as possible. If you feel like cutting it short, go back to it some other time and stretch that brain


Create your own beginners playlist here. You can drag and drop to get the videos it the right order and even delete the ones you do not wish to have for this session.

The videos will come back to the player once you reload.


Every week a new playlist will be created by Kristina herself taking ito consideration the planetary shifts and seasons.

  • This spinal flex on rock pose is another beautiful flex in the spinal flex series. It is said that if you sit in rock pose, it works so well on your digestive system that you can digest a rock. You get a beautiful stretch throughout your spine. When you flex your spine, you work on activating your spinal fluid and strengthen your spine, keeping you looking healthy and clear. You also work on your digestive and nervous system, opening your lungs and ribcage while giving a soft massage to the lower back.n
    Spinal Flex on Rock
  • Cat-Cow is one of the most important and fundamental exercises in Kundalini yoga. It keeps the spine flexible, which promotes a youthful body and an open mind. Cat-cow adjusts the spine while strengthening the nervous, reproductive, and digestive system, while bringing the emotions into balance. It also helps to move energy up the spine to the upper chakras, enhancing your meditation. Cat-cow is one of the most common things to do in the mornings to wake up your spine and for vitality all day long.n
    Cat & Cow
  • This is the best hip opener, in my opinion. It will activate your inner organs, while giving energy to and massaging the kidneys, liver, and intestines. It will help with digestion and open up so that the energy can flow freely in the lower part of your body. It will open the 1st and 2nd chakra.n
    Sufi Grinds
  • This exercise, if done correctly and honestly, will strengthen your nervous system. It will open up your chest and your heart, feed the lungs with beautiful Prana so you will feel relaxed and strong.n
    Nerves of Steele
  • This is a great beginners meditation.
    It focuses you on the 3rd eye (the 6th chakra), that is the center of your intuition. It is very important to have a strong intuition that you can trust. Have you ever said to yourself: "I knew that was going to happen, why didn't I listen?"
    Well, this one helps you strengthen and sharpen that gut feeling of yours. Practise on a regular basis for best result. Enjoy.n
    Intuitive Health


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