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Very Proud to be a part of this! I believe that mantra music will take a larger place in this world and it starts with us having guts to follow the longing of making music and healing through sound current. Thank you Dr Levry and Chris Merrill for this amazing gift. Click HERE to go to the website and buy your copy of this very original album. ABOUT THE ALBUM Meditations For Peace is an outstanding compilation of meditations, songs and prayers from a variety of naam recording artists. Composed of 2 volumes, Meditations for Peace...

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Inner Smile

PART 1 Your inner smile is THE elixir of health and healing. A smile is an incredible tool of communication. Imagine to arrive in a foreign county with a group of strangers; a sincere smile from another person would help to feel at ease immediately. This is because a smile is familiar, it gives us the message of love and understanding. It is a message of acceptance, appreciation and safety. When a smile is recieved we can let go of our defences and feel at ease with the situation. A smile activates the parasympathetic nervous system...

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Learning Breath of Glow

After my workshop today I realised how many of my students where having trouble finding the breath. As a long time yogi it is automatic for me so I think everyone knows how to breathe. This is not the case. Knowing wen your navel goes out in the breath is important. It is important to feel it. To have control over your navel. To have control over your body. This is why I want to share this free video. Breath of Glow. I want everyone that reads this, or needs this, to give it a try. It has so many health benefits. It gives you so...

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Behind The Scenes of Sodarchan chackra Kriya

Sodarchan Chakra Kriya in the making Welcome to my behind the scenes section. Follow me behind the scenes of KK.com’s different productions. This was the first time I shot at this Pier around 100 street and Collins in Miami. I loved shooting there. It was gorgeous. I will for sure get 1 or hopefully 2 beautiful, gorgeous meditations from this day. Sodarchan chackra Kriya being the one showing here, will serve when I create the anti-depression Workshop....

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The Psychological Benefits of Yoga: Introducing Yoga for Insomnia

In the first article of this series, you read a small bit about how insomnia is one of the likely symptoms of depression, along with a few facts about Yoga that pertain to its neuroscientific benefits. You can, of course, have insomnia without having depression, but this article exists to shed a bit more light on what insomnia even is, exactly, on a neurological level, and then discuss the basics of how Yoga can help alleviate, or (in some cases) even cure it. What is Insomnia? Sometimes, depression can cause insomnia in a person,...

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The Psychological Benefits Of Yoga: Introducing Yoga for Depression

In order to understand depression, we shouldn’t settle for merely a mono-dimensional approach; we should strive to understand it from every conceivable angle: the spiritual, the psychological, the philosophical, as well as the scientific. This is the first article in a series meant to aid you in achieving that multi-dimensional understanding. What Is Depression? Depression is actually an umbrella term for a myriad of different symptoms that people can suffer from; it’s when an imbalance of neurotransmitters occurs in the brain from...

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The Psychological Benefits of Yoga: Introducing Yoga For Anxiety

Earlier in this series, we reviewed the basics of what insomnia and depression are and how Yoga can help you overcome them, or at least alleviate some of their symptoms. In this article, we’ll be going over anxiety. What Is Anxiety? We all feel anxious from time to time, but when the negative emotions that we feel become so major or inhibiting that they begin to have a noteworthy effect on one’s livelihood and relationships, it becomes a very serious mental disorder worthy of clinical attention and treatment. Anxiety disorders are...

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